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Jennie's Kitchen Remodel: Step 1 - Inspiration!

Posted: December 10, 2014 by Lucine Spheeris

2015 will be the year....

...the year that I take my own advice I give my clients... remodel that kitchen!  

Yes, in 2015, my husband, Julio, and I will bring our kitchen "back to the future" from 1985 to 2015!  And, we are super excited about sharing the process with you!  Goodbye wallpaper!  Goodbye galley style!  Goodbye 1980's cabinets with crinkled shelf paper!  Can you tell I am excited?  My goal with this blog will be to share the good, the bad and the ugly along the way, while hopefully also imparting new found wisdom as we learn during this process.  I am sure there will be laughs, tears and probably many a glass of wine, but we hope to entertain and educate as we go.  Perhaps we will make mistakes that by sharing, we can help others from making the same ones when they tackle their remodels.  And, perhaps this whole project will instead come off without a hitch, there will be no budget overruns, no issues, all the contractors will show up on time, I will never get dirty, or break a nail, and there will be ZERO unexpected hurdles to overcome.
(If you believe that last statement...then I've got a bridge to sell you...HA!)  


Anyway, back to reality and on to Step 1:


Now, even though my job affords me the pleasure of "ooh-ing and aaah-ing" at many beautiful kitchens for inspiration, I am NO expert at design by any means, and I certainly can't go knocking on clients doors repeatedly to check out their lazy susans, spice racks, tile backsplashes and cabinet finishes.  They would get sick of me real quick. So, I decided to start by drawing out a crude (but to scale of course) sketch of what we are working with to start:  

After we had an idea of our starting point, we decided to hit my new favorite place for home inspiration,  For those of you who don't know what is... it is like the Pinterest for home improvement and remodeling ideas!  This website gives you the opportunity to be a nosy neighbor to ANYONE!  It is truly amazing and you should check it out!  You can save the things you like on different ideabooks for each of your remodeling projects.  

I am sharing my kitchen ideabook below so you can see ideas of what has inspired me the most.  There are different elements in each of these photos that appealed to either my husband or myself, which made us save it to our book.  On our end, we can put notes about whether we liked the light fixtures, the cabinetry, the beverage cooler on the living room side of an island, etc... etc... so we remember why we marked the photo.  If you REALLY like something, and it has a green little tag hanging from it, you can usually see where you can even BUY that particular element.  

When I DO post the "before" pictures of our kitchen in an upcoming blog (closer to "go-time"), you will see JUST how much imagination we will need to pull this off!  But, in the meantime, enjoy our vision, and feel free to share yours with us!  What would YOU want to see in YOUR kitchen if neither space restrictions nor money were an object.  

I will be back to update you shortly as we move through this planning and remodeling process!


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