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Jennie's Kitchen Remodel: "It's Like Watching Paint Dry!"...Or Removing Wallpaper

Posted: February 05, 2015 by Lucine Spheeris

We are in a waiting game with our kitchen remodel right now.  We have determined that we don't have the appropriate "vision" to be able to ensure we design a layout that makes the best use of our space after we remove the center wall, so we have hired an architect.  

We are just excited to get going, and this creative process is languishing.  And, waiting for other people is like watching paint dry!  

Did someone say paint?  

What a novel idea!  I have found something to do to take my mind off the waiting game - and that is removing the wallpaper in the kitchen!  

Wallpaper removal turned out to be surprisingly easy!  And, since I LOVE projects where I feel like I am making quick progress, this was a great task for me!  I had never removed wallpaper before, so I hit the trusty old Inter-web for some helpful tips and advice.  Seemed pretty simple...and a cheap task to take on.  One site even suggested I could use 1 part fabric softener mixed with equal parts water as my removal agent.  Now THAT was just too tempting NOT to try since we had the remnants of a 10 year old gallon of fabric softener in the basement that we hadn't ever used as far as I could remember. 

So, I poured that aged softener into a spray bottle, added water and hit the wall running!  My new mantra became - Score, Spray, Scrape!  It REALLY was as easy as 1, 2, 3!  (for the most stubborn sections, adding a Step 2.5 in there with a second "score" really helped the liquid to seep into the holes.)

I have never been so happy to make a mess in my kitchen!  And, as you can see, I was doing a GREAT job of it! 

And then...after a couple mornings of fun before work... I had completed removal from the two walls that had the pleasure of being adorned with such lovely paper...

Now it's back to the waiting game....waiting for our final layout so we can get started with the bigger part of our project!

I hope to have more updates for you all very soon.

P.S.  The Fabric Softener was a GREAT tip!  It worked EXTREMELY WELL!

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